France, Senegal, Benin, 2023, 67 min., Fon, French, English

Director: Mati Diop

Screenwriter: Mati Diop

DOP: Josephine Drouin Viallard

Editor: Gabriel Gonzalez

Composers: Wally Badarou, Dean Blunt

Sound: Nicolas Becker

Producers: Eve Robin, Judith Lou Lévy, Mati Diop

Royal treasures of the Kingdom of Dahomey were stolen by French colonisers in XIX century and were kept in the the storages of French museums since. In 2021 26 artefacts are being brought back to the present-day Republic of Benin. But the home country has changed ant the return raises debates.

Documentary DAHOMEY by Mati Diop premiered in the main competition of Berlin Film Festival and was awarded a Golden Bear there.