Film publishing company Taip Toliau was established in Vilnius in 2023 by three friends and longtime colleagues Mantė, Aistė and Ignė. The name Taip Toliau (from afar) suggests the company’s curatorial direction, reaching further than European or North American film culture, dominating the Lithuanian cinema field. These are not only geographical destinations for travel through the screen to Asia, Africa or South America, but also a suggestion, by following the forms and ideas of the curated content, to journey further than ordinary, to allow oneselves to be surprised.

At Taip Toliau we are searching for depth, freshness and boldness in the films – the cinema which arouses both minds and bodies. Releasing these rare finds, rather than commercial, boutique distribution strategies will be employed, allowing for opportunities to elaborate on the contexts of the films and tell extended stories of them. And sometimes those stories would be coming to Lithuanian audiences directly from the creators.


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